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The Patriot for Ukraine: the Netherlands to provide additional surface-to-air missiles

The Dutch government announced the provision of additional Patriot surface-to-air missiles to Ukraine. The aim is to prevent damage to the energy infrastructure from Russian missile attacks.

The Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands announced the delivery on its website.

The Dutch decision follows Germany's announcement of a new support package, which includes an additional Patriot launcher, missiles, and two additional IRIS-T anti-aircraft systems. The Netherlands itself previously supplied launchers for Patriot systems and missiles to Ukraine. There will now be an extra delivery on top of that.

Quote"Russia's war in Ukraine continues, with continued attacks on both military and civilian targets, including critical energy infrastructure. With winter approaching, its defense is crucial. Additional support is also important to organize air defense throughout the country," said Dutch Minister of Defense Kajsa Ollongren.

Earlier this week, a new security assistance package to Ukraine from the Netherlands was announced. It included drones, demining equipment, and ammunition. The total value of all equipment supplied is now more than €2.1 billion.

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