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The EU has established a working party on the transfer of Russian assets to Ukraine

On Wednesday, February 15, the Committee of Permanent Representatives to the European Union approved the establishment of an ad hoc working party on the use of frozen and immobilized Russian assets to support Ukraine´s reconstruction. The announcement was made on the Twitter account of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU.

According to it, the purpose of the working party is to address the use of frozen and immobilized Russian assets in line with EU and international law.

Quote"It includes preparatory work on the legal, financial, economic, and political analysis of the feasibility of such use in close coordination with international partners," the Permanent Representatives Committee explained.

Previously, on February 6, the High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine reverted the Demurinskyi mining and processing plant and other assets of the Russian oligarchs Mikhail Shelkov and Sergey Chemezov to state ownership. The nationalized property is worth at least ₴2 billion (over $54 million).

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