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Sweden and the United Kingdom have joined the drone coalition

Sweden and the United Kingdom have joined the drone coalition, which was established recently by Ukraine and Latvia.

Rustem Umierov, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, announced the news on Telegram.

The Drone and Electronic Warfare Coalition was created by Ukraine and Latvia. The decision was made during the visit of Latvian Defense Minister Andris Sprūds to Kyiv. The coalition currently includes four countries.

Quote"Sweden and the United Kingdom have declared that they join the recently established drone coalition. Thus, the minister of defense of Sweden, Pål Jonson, announced this decision at the meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group on January 23. The United Kingdom also declared its intention to join and co-lead the coalition together with Latvia," Umierov said.

Kateryna Chernohorenko, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine for Digital Development, Digital Transformations, and Digitalization, emphasized that technology should replace people on the frontlines.

Quote"The drone coalition will be another step to implement this idea. This will save many lives. Strengthening and the development of the production of unmanned systems will enable the transformation of the army and make advanced technology today’s reality," she said.

Kateryna Chernohorenko also previously informed Ukraine’s partners of the country’s need for unmanned systems, electronic warfare equipment, and technologies to protect critical infrastructure.

Earlier, the President of Ukraine was reported to say that Ukraine would produce a million drones in 2024.

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