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The AFU pulled out of Soledar: what is known

Ukrainian troops retreated from Soledar. Photo: Telegram

Ukrainian troops retreated from Soledar. Photo: Telegram

On January 25, 2023, Ukraine’s Defense Forces pulled out of Soledar to save the lives of the personnel. The spokesman of the Eastern Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Serhiy Cherevatyi, reported this in a commentary for the Suspilne public broadcaster.

During the battle for Soledar, the front line was leveled: Ukrainian troops were neither encircled nor captured.

Quote"The troops consolidated on previously prepared defensive lines. They accomplished the main mission by preventing the enemy from systematically breaching the defenses on the Donetsk axis of the front line and taking in the rear, then gaining operational battlespace. They neutralized the maximum amount of enemy forces, primarily manpower, and exhausted the enemy," he said.

Cherevatyi added that Ukraine wouldn’t simply send its military to death. The AFU attempts to exhaust the enemy as much as possible by maneuvering, pounding it, and employing small group tactics.

According to him, Russia wants to draw attention to the "small city of Soledar after having previously suffered significant defeats in the Kyiv region and the Kharkiv, Lyman, and Kherson operations."

Context. The Russian occupation army has deployed nearly all of its main forces to the Donetsk axis and is launching high-intensity attacks.

On January 9, 2023, the Russians started a massive assault on Soledar. So far, Soledar has been one of the hottest spots on the eastern front.

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