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Government prepares unvaccinated Ukrainians for severe restrictions: who will be affected and what will be banned

In Ukraine, restrictions may be imposed on unvaccinated citizens. The restrictions will primarily affect not only teachers in schools, but also public transport personnel, cafes, and restaurants.

Also, employees of commercial and municipal structures who are in contact with the population will have to be vaccinated, said Mykhailo Radutskyi, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Health.

He noted that now in Ukraine there are enough vaccines to immunize the population. At the same time, Radutskyi noted that it is not about mandatory vaccination, but it is still fair to demand that the employees who work with people receive vaccinations against coronavirus.

«We offer enterprises to submit an application, order a mobile team and vaccinate employees right at the workplace. Therefore, now everyone decides for themselves—leisure and full-fledged work or forced restrictions during the next wave of coronavirus.»

Mikhail Radutsky

Mikhail Radutsky

MP from the Servant of the People

Context. The Ministry of Health announced that if the epidemiological situation deteriorates, those schools will work where at least 80% of teachers are vaccinated.

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