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The Air Force predicts more Russian strikes on critical infrastructure: They want to destroy it all

Russia's strikes on Ukrainian critical infrastructure. Photo: defence-ua.com

Russia's strikes on Ukrainian critical infrastructure. Photo: defence-ua.com

Russia wants to completely destroy Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and will therefore further target critical facilities, says Yurii Ihnat, speaker of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He believes that Russia’s primary target is currently the Ukrainian energy system, so Russia will use anything it has available to damage it.

Quote"Russia’s main target is the energy system. They are using all types of weapons available to them. There are now other drones besides the Shaheds, which are attack drones, namely the Russian-made Lancet with imported components. They need to achieve the aim they’ve set, which is to strike the entire critical infrastructure. It’s not only energy, since the enemy has already struck water development facilities," said Ihnat.

He also stressed that strikes on energy facilities are aerial terrorism and Russia isn’t going to stop it.

Context. The DTEK energy company announced that power outages in Ukraine will continue for at least another two weeks in the absence of new strikes by the Russian Federation.

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