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The State Agency for Tourism Development has decided to change the regulations of entry to Ukraine. But they will not apply to everyone

Ukraine may allow air passengers who have been exposed to coronavirus and have antibodies not to do a coronavirus test upon arrival.

Greece has already imposed such regulations, allowing vaccinated foreigners to cross the border without any problems, the travel periodical Turprofi.com.ua reports.

In particular, the Ukrainian government is working to abolish testing for those who have already been sick or have received a vaccine against coronavirus, said the head of the State Agency for Tourism Development Mariana Oleskiv.

At the same time, Anna Romanova, director of the Association Hospitality Industry of Ukraine, drew attention to the fact that now vaccinated passengers do not have any benefits upon entry.

Context. From May 24, 2021, foreign citizens must do a PCR test for coronavirus when entering Ukraine. The test must be done no later than 72 hours before the border crossing.

Citizens or those who have the right of residence can do the test before or after returning to Ukraine. Otherwise, a person will have to self-isolate for two-weeks with control via the Vdoma application.

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