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Rating of politicians and parties: the number of Ukrainians who trust Zelensky has increased

The approval rating among politicians is topped by President Volodymyr Zelensky who is trusted by 41%, and not trusted by 54%. Last month there were 56%.

At the same time, 29% trust the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Dmytro Razumkov, as many do not know who he is, and 37% of Ukrainians do not trust him. This is stated in the poll results of the sociological group Rating.

Politicians approval rating

  • The head of the Opposition Bloc, Yurii Boyko, is trusted by 27%, not trusted by 55%;
  • 26% trust Yulia Tymoshenko, 69% do not trust her;
  • Petro Poroshenko is trusted by 23%, not trusted by 73%;
  • Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal is trusted by 14%, more than a quarter do not know him and more than half do not trust him.

Politicians rating

If the elections were held in the near future, the incumbent president would be supported by 26.2%.

At the same time, 16.6% would support Boyko's candidacy;

  • Poroshenko—13.3%;
  • Tymoshenko—10.5%;
  • Smeshko—6.4%;
  • Groysman—6.1%;
  • Lyashko—4.7%;
  • Prytula—4.1%;
  • Tiahnybok—2.6%;
  • Klitschko—2.3%.

Parties rating

The Servant of the People party is leading in the parliamentary rating; 21.6% of those who are ready to vote and have made their choice are ready to support it.

  • 17.4% are ready to vote for the Opposition Platform—For Life;
  • for European Solidarity—14.5%;
  • for Fatherland (Batkivshchyna)—10.9%;
  • 5.7% would vote for the Ukrainian Strategy of Groysman;
  • for the Radical Party—5.6%.

Other parties would not have gained 5%.

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