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Quarantine during May holidays: what are the regulations for Ukrainians to spend their vacation

Adaptive quarantine in Ukraine introduced to counter the spread of COVID-19 will not change on Easter and during May holidays.

This was announced by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal on his Facebook page.

«The important holidays for Ukrainians are coming, and it is important that the joy of celebrating them is not overshadowed by the increase in morbidity. The government will not change the model of adaptive quarantine during the May holidays, as it demonstrates its effectiveness: this week the Chernivtsi and Odesa regions have already left the "red" zone, where the dynamics of the incidence has stabilized. Several more regions may join them next week.»

Denys Shmyhal

Denys Shmyhal

The Prime Minister of Ukraine

The Prime Minister also called on Ukrainians to show responsibility, caution and avoid mass gatherings during the holidays.

Quarantine regulations during Easter and May holidays-2021

  • In the "green" zone, there are almost no quarantine restrictions. If Ukraine reaches it, then we can talk about the abolition of quarantine in the country;
  • in the "yellow" zone it is allowed to hold mass events (if 4 square meters of space is allocated for one person, or the hall is filled by 50%), to visit educational institutions in groups of no more than 20 people, to be present in the stands, but with restrictions, catering can work until 00:00 and so on;
  • in the "orange" zone there are restrictions of the "yellow" one and the following are added: accommodation establishments, in particular, hostels, tourist centers and others (except for hotels) are prohibited from working; entertainment establishments and restaurants are also prohibited from working at night; planned hospitalizations in hospitals, accepting children in children's camps, the work of gyms, fitness studios, cultural institutions are also prohibited; a restriction is imposed on mass events: 1 person per 20 sq. m and no more than 100 people;
  • in the "red" zone there are restrictions of the "orange" one, and it is also prohibited to hold mass events and sports competitions with spectators; it is prohibited to hold religious events if there is more than one person per 10 sq. m of the premise area; aerial railways will be closed, as will educational institutions (except for kindergartens and primary schools), food markets and others.

Context. Last week, adaptive quarantine in Ukraine was extended until June 30, 2021.

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