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The Ministry of Health proposed to introduce mandatory self-isolation of all those entering Ukraine without vaccinations


Ukrainian authorities have thought of introducing a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all those entering the country who have not been fully vaccinated against coronavirus. The reason for the new restrictions was the rapid spread of the coronavirus delta strain around the world. The relevant measures were proposed during a conference call in the Office of the President by the Head of the Ministry of Health Viktor Lyashko, the press service of the OPU reported.

The government wants to impose new anti-coronavirus restrictions for those willing to enter Ukraine due to the rapid spread of a more aggressive and infectious strain of coronavirus in some regions of Europe and the world.

It is proposed to send an unvaccinated person for a 14-day observation (home quarantine) after crossing the border. The period of self-isolation can be halved if, after the first seven days, a person agrees to do a PCR test and gets a negative result.

Self-isolation, Lyashko added, will not apply to unvaccinated people under the age of 18, as well as to those who leave Ukraine before the new regulations come into force and then want to return. At the same time, the Minister did not specify the exact timeframe when the government could pass a resolution necessary to tighten the restrictions.

Context. So far, only four cases of the delta strain have been officially recorded in Ukraine. Two women fell ill after visiting Russia where the strain is rampant, and two more cases have been laboratory confirmed in Zakarpattia. Nevertheless, at the end of June, the Cabinet of Ministers restricted traffic with countries where the delta strain was especially strong.

At the moment, the strain Alpha that was first discovered in Britain remains in the first place in terms of spread—it was recorded in 178 countries. The Beta strain was found in 123 territories, the Delta strain—in 111 countries.

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