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He led the "Ghosts of Kyiv". Pilot Mykhailo Matiushenko will be escorted on his last journey today in Bucha

Military pilot Mykhailo Matiushenko, nom de guerre Did (Grandfather), died in the sky over the Black Sea. It was he who led the group of pilots dubbed the "Ghosts of Kyiv". Matiushenko died on June 26, and on Monday, October 3, his remains will be buried in Bucha.

Quote"Being on a combat mission in aerial combat, Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mykhailo Yuriiovych Matiushenko (01/08/1961 — 06/26/2022) died heroically while protecting the sky of our country. He was from Bucha and died in the sky over the Black Sea," said the post by the mayor of Bucha, Anatolii Fedoruk.

Before the war, Matiushenko worked as the head of one of the Ukrainian aviation companies. In addition, he headed a local community law enforcement formation.

Quote"Mykhailo Matiushenko, nom de guerre Did, passed on his invaluable work experience to the younger generation. And only now do we have the right to tell the truth: the ‘Ghosts of Kyiv’ were led by a pilot from Bucha," Fedoruk emphasized.

According to him, the 40th Tactical Aviation Brigade suffered no losses in the air after Did had taken command. That is, all the pilots from the "Ghosts of Kyiv" returned alive from their missions.

After the defense of Kyiv, Matiushenko decided to strengthen the Armed Forces in the south and east. During one of the sorties, he did not return to the base and had been looked for since June.

Farewell to the Hero will take place on Monday, October 3, at 2:00 p.m. on the Alley of Heroes in Bucha.

Context. In August, Anton Lystopad, the highest-level fighter pilot, died while defending his country from the invaders. In 2019, he was recognized as the best pilot in the Ukrainian Air Forces.

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