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Without a COVID certificate is like without a ticket: the Cabinet imposed quarantine rules for passenger transportation

At the meeting on October 11, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine made amendments to Resolution No. 1236 that stipulate tightening of the rules for passenger traffic in the regions where the "yellow", "orange", or "red" level of epidemiological danger had been imposed.

"The new rules for the passenger carriage are a forced step to curb the spread of coronavirus disease in order to preserve the life and health of citizens," Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko commented on the novelties. "Therefore, having documents confirming the COVID safety of both drivers and passengers is an essential prerequisite for regular and irregular transportation by any type of transport."

From October 21, interregional passenger transportation in regions with a "yellow", "orange", or "red" level of epidemiological danger will be allowed only if all drivers, air transport crew, and passengers have the necessary documents.

What documents are needed to travel during quarantine:

  • a document confirming the completion of the full course of vaccination or the receipt of one dose of a two-dose vaccine for regions of the "yellow" level of epidemic danger;
  • International, domestic, or foreign certificates confirming vaccination against COVID-19 with one dose of a single-dose vaccine or two doses of a two-dose vaccine, recognized by WHO for use in emergency situations; a certificate of a negative result of testing by the PCR method or of a person's recovery from the specified disease, the effect of which is confirmed by the Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services, in particular, the mobile application Diia;
  • a certificate with a negative test result for COVID-19 by PCR or a rapid test for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus antigen detection, which is valid for 72 hours.

New travel rules during quarantine apply to both regular and irregular passenger traffic. This refers to road transport on bus routes, as well as air and rail transport of interregional traffic. The carrier is responsible for the availability of these documents for all drivers, aircraft crew members, and passengers.

The corresponding rules during quarantine in Ukraine will not apply to urban and intraregional transportation.

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