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Russia repositions helicopters to border with Ukraine—NYT

The Russian Federation is repositioning combat and transport helicopters to the Ukrainian border. The New York Times reports this citing its own sources.

The outlet notes that in recent weeks the number of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine has remained stable, despite the forecasts of American intelligence about their increase. However, the US officials assume that the relocation of the helicopters is a possible sign of further planning for an attack.

According to the US officials, the weather is hampering Putin's plans to invade Ukraine so far. It does not allow the soil to freeze, which would simplify the movement of heavy military equipment. Consequently, Putin is forced to postpone the ground offensive until at least February. One of the officials in the US presidential administration said that Biden had even involved the meteorologists to assess the situation to better examine the likely weather in Ukraine in the coming weeks.

It is also reported that since December 27, American RC-135 Rivet Joint aircraft have been regularly flying over Ukraine for electronic listening. E-8 JSTARS aircraft are also conducting reconnaissance—they track the build-up of Russian troops and their movements.

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