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Belgium updates entry regulations for Ukrainians: What changes

The Embassy of Ukraine to the Kingdom of Belgium released an explanation of the government's decision to include our country in the so-called "red list" on November 9.

Quote"Belgium restricts travel for Ukrainians with an non-essential (tourist) purpose. Travel for valid reasons and transit are allowed," is stated in the report.

It also notes that the diplomatic agency is asking the border guards for information about the possibility of travel for Ukrainians vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Article 16 of the Royal Decree says that the ban on non-essential travel for citizens of countries included in the "red list" has an exception for vaccinated persons. According to its text, these people need a vaccination certificate equivalent to the European one to enter. Ukrainian certificates that citizens obtained through the portal or application Diia have this status. The decree also provides that the exception will not apply if the country is classified as a "very high risk zone".

From November 9, the following persons have the right to enter the country:

  • persons with Belgian citizenship,
  • citizens for whom Belgium is the main place of residence,
  • spouse/partner of a person who has Belgian citizenship or resides in Belgium,
  • children of a person with Belgian citizenship or a person living in Belgium or his partner, if they live under the same roof;
  • people traveling for compelling humanitarian reasons;
  • members of transport and cargo personnel, sailors, tug crews, pilots, etc. (this category must have a certificate issued by the employer),
  • persons transiting through Belgium from a country with a very high risk to the EU or Schengen country of which they are a citizen or where they have their main place of residence;
  • persons traveling in transit outside the EU and Schengen.

Citizens arriving in Belgium must do a coronavirus test on the 1st and 7th day of stay in the country and quarantine.

The website of the Ukrainian MFA states at the moment that Ukrainians who "travel from Ukraine are allowed to enter the Kingdom of Belgium if the purpose of the trip is "valid".

Context. Recall, on the eve of the European Union excluded Ukraine from the list of countries it was recommended to gradually lift travel restrictions in respect of.

Prior to that, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that "there will be no total closure of the borders of the European Union."

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