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New norms for decision-making on land issues have come into effect

In Ukraine, communities have gained the right to manage lands within their own territory. At the same time, the procedure for making decisions on the alienation of land plots from community property has changed.

With the amendments to the Law "On Local Self-Government in Ukraine", the decision of the local council on the free transfer of a land plot from communal ownership to private one is made by at least two-thirds of the votes of the deputies of the council general composition.

"This novelty does not apply to land plots that are already in the use of citizens. Such a norm will eliminate possible corruption at the local level," Serhiy Sharshov, head of the Directorate for the Development of Local Self-Government of the Ministry of Regional Development, said.

He noted that when making decisions by local authorities on the free transfer of a land plot ownership (from communally owned lands), the category of the land plot must be taken into account.

A simple majority of votes of the councilors is enough in the case of:

  • making a decision on the free transfer of land from communal to private ownership if such land is in the use of citizens;
  • if a residential house, other building or structure belonging to a citizen who has applied for the transfer of a land plot is located on the land plot;
  • if it involves land plots the title documents were previously issued for.

Two-thirds of the votes of the deputies of the council general composition are required when deciding on other land plots.

Context. The land market started working on July 1, and as of August 5, 4,117 land sales transactions have been registered. Most of the deals were concluded in the Kyiv, Poltava, Sumy, and Vinnytsia regions.

In early July, the law on electronic auctions on the land market came into force in Ukraine. State land can only be bought at online auctions.

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