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Online sale of land has started in Ukraine: now state land can only be bought in this way


On July 5, the law on electronic auctions on the land market came into force in Ukraine. State land can be purchased exclusively via online auctions. All information about land auctions is also transferred into electronic form, for example, about how much a hectare of agricultural land will cost.

Some of the provisions of the law came into force from the day of its publication (June 25 in the official publication Holos Ukrayiny). The land market in the country started working on July 1. However, online land tenders, according to the law, were launched only from 5 July.

Now, those who want to acquire state land can do this only via the online auction process. One can submit documents, register and participate in auctions from anywhere in Ukraine.

Information about the lots (the price of a hectare of land, the size of the plot, etc.), as well as about the auction itself, will be posted directly on the Internet (however, the details are still unknown). But until the end of the auction, information about all its participants is confidential. As the authors of the law explain, this is necessary so that the organizers cannot abuse the rights of the participants.

At least two people can participate in the auction. Farmers are also allowed to take part, since large plots of state land will be divided into small ones. The guarantee fee is 30% of the starting price. It was decided to trade in three rounds—one round means one increase in the rate. The minimum step for raising the bid is at least 1% of the starting price of the lot.

Context. On July 1, the land market was launched in Ukraine. For the first time in 30 years of independence, Ukrainians gained the right to buy and sell land plots. The Page has compiled basic information about the land market you need to know: data on agricultural land prices, documents for registration, and taxes.

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