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Most Ukrainians believe in victory in the coming weeks—poll

Most Ukrainians believe in victory in the coming weeks. Photo: Oleksander Synytsia/UNIAN

Most Ukrainians believe in victory in the coming weeks. Photo: Oleksander Synytsia/UNIAN

More than half of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine will be able to win the war with Russia in the coming weeks: 18% think that Ukraine will win in a week, 39%—in a few weeks. 91% of respondents, thinking about the situation in the country, feel hope. Only 6% feel impasse. In all regions, there is a maximum level of hope. This is evidenced by the results of a study by the sociological group Rating.

Another 18% believe that the war will continue for several months, only 9% think that the war will end in six months or a year. There are practically no those who do not believe in victory at all. 16% found it difficult to answer this question. The most optimistic are the inhabitants of the western region, but in other regions, the majority believe that the war will not last long.

92% of respondents believe that Ukraine will be able to repel the Russian attack. This number is growing almost every day. Only 6% today do not have such confidence. All regions of the country have faith in victory.

More than 80% answered that they somehow help to defend Ukraine: including 39% of those surveyed now help people and the army as volunteers, 37% help financially. Also, 18% are involved in information resistance, 12% continue to work in critical infrastructure. 10% of Ukrainians noted that they are participants of the territorial defense units. Only 19% answered that they could not help the country now. These are mostly older people. However, even among the elders, the majority today is involved in the resistance.

The vast majority (97%) of those surveyed plan to stay in Ukraine in the near future.

Attitude towards the ROC

In addition, 63% support the idea of breaking the ties between the UPC of the Moscow Patriarchate and the Russian Orthodox Church. Only 10% do not support this idea. Another 18% answered that they did not care, while 9% found it difficult to answer. Among the parishioners of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate, more than half also support the breach of ties with the ROC, a quarter say that they do not care, and only 13% of them are against the breach.

Attitude towards Russia

Also, 40% of Ukrainians are sure that the majority of Russians support the war against Ukraine. Another quarter of those polled believe that every second person in Russia supports the war, and a quarter believe that war supporters are in the minority there.

42% believe that the resumption of friendly relations between Ukrainians and Russians is completely out of the question. 22% think that it is possible in 20-30 years after the war, 18%—in 10-15 years, and only 12% consider the resumption of friendship possible in a couple of years after the war. Residents of the south and east, and those who have relatives in the Russian Federation, believe slightly more in the resumption of relations. But even among them, more than a third do not believe in the return of friendship between peoples at all.

Recall that on February 24 at 04:50 Russian President Vladimir Putin actually declared war on Ukraine, and Russian troops began to invade the territory of our country.

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