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Missile terror and blackouts didn’t force the Ukrainians to flee the country


During the 11 months of this year, the number of Ukrainians who left the country has been higher than the number of those who returned by 2.2 million people. Since the start of massive missile strikes and power outages, the number of Ukrainian refugees has increased by 2%.

These are the conclusions drawn by Opendatabot based on data from the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Since October, when massive attacks on the infrastructure and blackouts began, the number of Ukrainians who left the country and didn’t come back has somewhat increased. Meanwhile, in September, more people returned home than departed.

For the first time during the last 5 months, the difference between those who went abroad and those who came back was positive: it amounted to 16,000 people in October and nearly 40,000 people in November.

Since the massive attacks on the infrastructure began, the total number of Ukrainians who have fled abroad and have not returned has increased by 2%.

In the draft state budget for 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers suggests that nearly 1.8 million refugees will come home.

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