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Meeting of defense ministers of 40 countries dedicated to helping Ukraine begins in Germany

A meeting of 40 defense ministers to help Ukraine has started on April 26. Photo: AP Photo

A meeting of 40 defense ministers to help Ukraine has started on April 26. Photo: AP Photo

In Germany, at the American Air Base Ramstein, a meeting of the heads of defense ministries of more than 40 states has begun. This meeting is dedicated to military assistance to Ukraine and related security problems that NATO members and partner countries face. This is reported by Ukrinform.

Quote"We are here to help Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s unjust invasion and build Ukrainian defenses for tomorrow's challenges… We are here to strengthen the arsenal of Ukrainian democracy," said U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Austin said that since February 24, more than 30 partner countries, together with the United States, have prepared equipment worth more than $5 billion for Ukraine's self-defense, of which $3.7 billion was promised by U.S. President Joe Biden.

He noted that no one believes Putin's statements and that the Russian Federation is waging a war "by choice", to fulfill the ambitions of one person, while Ukraine is waging a war because of the need to protect its democracy, sovereignty, and its citizens.

Quote"But the stakes reach beyond Ukraine and even beyond Europe. The Russian invasion is baseless, reckless and lawless… This is a challenge to free people everywhere," Austin stressed.

Therefore, he noted, all people of good will today stand together with Ukraine against Russian imperial aggression.

Quote"Ukraine believes that it can win. And so does everyone here," the head of the Pentagon stressed.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov is participating in the meeting. And Austin addressed him with the following words: "Ukraine has done an excellent job defending its independence against an unprovoked Russian invasion. Ukrainian valor and skill will go down in military history… Your resistance has brought inspiration to the free world."

The main goal of the meeting is to synchronize and coordinate military assistance to Kyiv. Ukraine, according to Austin, needs help to win, but it will also need help after the end of the war.

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