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Masi Nayyem regained consciousness and explained his condition

The well-known lawyer Masi Nayyem, who had been seriously injured and had been in a medication sleep after the surgery, regained consciousness.

Nayyem Jr. himself wrote about this on his Facebook page. He said that he had lost one eye and could not see well with the other one.


Masi said that he had already had visitors, and he himself was more worried about his friend, who was in a coma.

Quote"My brother, Tatka, Kostia and close partners from the company visited me. I’m more worried about my friend, he’s still in a coma," Nayyem said, adding that he would not post the photo because he didn’t like himself in this condition.

Masi's brother, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Mustafa Nayyem also wrote on Facebook that he was able to talk to the wounded. He thanked everyone who helped his brother with first aid, transportation to the hospital and treatment.

Quote"I really hope that someday I will definitely see and thank everyone who accompanied my brother to the surgery table. I know that you did your duty. Now ALL our family and I are indebted to you," Mustafa stressed.

He added that Masi had a narrow escape and his life was still in danger.

Quote"But without all of you, I would not be able to take his hand again and say that I love him. Thank you. 🙏 ❤️‍🩹," Nayyem wrote.


  • As The Page has already reported, Masi Nayem, a well-known lawyer, an ATO veteran, who had again mobilized in 2022, was seriously wounded. On April 17, after leaving for the front, Masi Nayyem posted a photo with Henry Miller's book "Time of the Killers" and wrote
Quote"I have finally found peace. Because now I'm back in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I took my stuff with me and a book that I had not yet read from the shelf. And thoughts of a brighter future.
  • On June 5, it became known that Masi suffered a severe shrapnel wound to the head, multiple bone fractures, and an intracranial hematoma. He had surgery in Dnipro, in the Regional Clinical Hospital named after. І.І. Mechnikov, according to his brother Mustafa Nayyem. According to doctors, the next few days will be decisive in the recovery of the fighter.

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