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Lawyer Masi Nayyem had surgery after being wounded, he is in medication sleep now

Well-known lawyer Masi Nayem had surgery after being severely wounded in the head on June 5. His brother and Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Mustafa Nayyem informed about this.

Quote"My brother is alive, he had surgery. He has a severe shrapnel wound to the head, multiple bone fractures and an intracranial hematoma. Now his condition is still serious, he is in a medication sleep, connected to an artificial lung. Doctors say that the next few days will be decisive in the recovery," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Context. Recall, on June 5, it became known that a well-known lawyer, and now a Ukrainian soldier, Masi Nayyem, was seriously injured at the front. He was taken to the Regional Clinical Hospital named after. І.І. Mechnikov in Dnipro.

Masi Nayyem is a lawyer, brother of journalist and ex-deputy Mustafa Nayyem. He participated in hostilities in eastern Ukraine in 2015-2016 and again joined the military to defend Ukraine after the outbreak of a full-scale invasion.

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