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Lukashenko demands proof from West that Russia is planning attack on Ukraine

Alexander Lukashenko, who calls himself the president of Belarus, stated that the West must provide evidence that Russia was planning to attack Ukraine. This is reported by the pro-government Telegram channel Pul Pervogo.

Quote"Once again, our 'partners', as they are called in Russia, our rivals, as I said, enemies, are trying to rebuild Russia. Because they came up with the thesis that Russia is going to attack Ukraine. Well, if it does, then give the facts and confirm this thesis," he said.

Context. Russia is taking the same steps as in April this year, and is pulling in troops and equipment to the Ukrainian borders. Recent satellite imagery that the outlet Politico has at its disposal shows the bunching-up of armored units, tanks, and self-propelled artillery along with ground troops near the city of Yelnya (RF) near the border with Belarus.

Russia denied this information.

Because of the threat of a new invasion by Russian forces, the UK has prepared a group of almost 600 troops for redeployment to Ukraine. The US State Department also expressed concern about Russia's maneuvers.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasized in a video message on November 10 that the bunching-up and movement of the troops had been taking place at the front for the eighth year and "psychological pressure from the Russian Federation has no longer been working on us."

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