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Threat of Russia’s new invasion. Great Britain is ready to send its special forces to Ukraine

Из-за угрозы нового вторжения российских сил Великобритания подготовила группу из около 600 военнослужащих к передислокации в Украину. Как пишет издание The Mirror, активная подготовка британского спецназа началась после сообщений разведки MI-6 о стягивании Россией солдат и военной техники к украинской границе.

Quote"The brigade (16 Air Assault Brigade) was told it may need to deploy at very short notice. Between 400 and 600 troops are ready. Their equipment is packed and they are ready to fly to Ukraine and either land or parachute in. They have trained for both eventualities," is stated in the report.

Apart from paratroopers, the composite group includes engineers, medics, and signallers. According to the outlet's reports, they can be sent to the territory of Ukraine within 36 hours.

Context. Recall: the other day Washington turned to its partners in the EU with a warning about Moscow's potential preparation for a new invasion of Ukraine. Dmytro Kuleba, the Head of the Ukrainian MFA, suggested that the Russian Federation, pulling in its troops, was probably looking for an opportunity to make headway deeper into Ukrainian territory.

Last week, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated in a video address to the citizens that in the eighth year of the war, the information about the massing of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border was nothing new. He added that the dissemination of such data "can help the enemy to become part of the information war and cause the country no less harm than hostilities."

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