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Latest information on Russia-Ukraine war as of 12:00 March 27, 2022

Latest information on the Russia-Ukraine war as of 27.03.2022. Photo: facebook/GeneralStaff.ua

Latest information on the Russia-Ukraine war as of 27.03.2022. Photo: facebook/GeneralStaff.ua

The thirty-second day of the Russia-Ukraine war 2022 continues. The Russian fascist invaders are redeploying their units on the territory of Belarus.

These activities are carried out in order to rotate units that have suffered significant losses on the northern borders of Ukraine, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Through the territory of Belarus, the enemy also reinforces the available groupings, replenishes food, fuel and ammunition supplies, and organizes the evacuation of wounded and sick servicemen. At the same time, some units of the armed forces of Belarus continue to stay at the proving grounds.

Polissia direction

The enemy, under the cover of artillery and aviation fire, continues to gain a foothold on the reached lines, preparing for the unit rotation.

Siversk direction

The enemy continues to blockade Slavutych and is not desisting from its efforts to take over Chernihiv. Near the settlements of Lukianivka and Rudnytske on the border between the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions, the enemy suffered losses and retreated.

Slobozhanshchyna direction

The enemy is trying to regroup near Sumy. Near Kharkiv, they focused their efforts on making up for personnel casualties. Near Sloviansk, the enemy is improving the fortification of the occupied positions. The Ukrainian Defense Forces regained control over the city of Trostianets and the village of Husarivka.

Donetsk direction

The occupation units are trying to capture Popasna, Rubizhne, Severodonetsk, and Mariupol. They failed. The Russian invaders made an unsuccessful attempt to storm Krasnohorivka. They suffered losses and retreated.

Tauride operational area

The Russian fascist regime continues to use the forces of the Rosgvardiya to fight pockets of resistance in the temporarily occupied territory.

Ukrainian warriors continue to effectively resist the Russian invaders, repel enemy attacks and gradually liberate territories temporarily occupied by the enemy in certain directions.

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