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Invaders start enforced granting of Russian citizenship to newborns in Kherson Oblast

In Kherson Oblast, the so-called occupation "authority" claims that all children born after February 24 in the occupied territories of the region will automatically be granted Russian citizenship.

This was stated by the deputy leader of the so-called occupation "military-civilian administration" Kirill Stremousov, who is quoted by the Russian media, in particular, the Kremlin's TASS.

Quote"All children born in Kherson Oblast after February 24 will automatically be granted Russian citizenship," he said.

The invaders also decided to arrogate Ukrainian orphans. According to Stremousov, orphans in the occupied territories have already been granted Russian citizenship.

He claims that, in general, there is allegedly "crazy demand" for Russian passports in the region and Ukrainians "stand in lines."

Recall: back on May 25, a presidential decree was signed in Russia, according to which a simplified procedure for applying for acquiring Russian citizenship will be valid for residents of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson Oblasts of Ukraine.

As reported, on June 1, Hennadii Lahuta, head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, informed that more than 20 settlements in Kherson Oblast had been liberated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This refers to the cities and villages that are located on the side of the neighboring Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

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