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Russian invaders deploys Iskander missile battalion near Kherson

Not far from the temporarily occupied Kherson Oblast — in the village of Milkovodne (Crimea) — the Russian army deployed an Iskander-M battalion. With this in mind, the speaker of the Ministry of Defense Oleksandr Motuzianyk warned the population about the continued threat of missiles striking Ukrainian civilian and military facilities.

The Iskander Tactical Ballistic Missile System battalion includes four launchers for eight ballistic missiles.

In addition, he also stressed the threat from the Black Sea.

Quote"There are five Kalibr-type SLCM carriers ready to use missile weapons in the Black Sea (a total salvo of up to 36 missiles)," Motuzianik explained.

Context. Recall that since the outbreak of hostilities and as of the beginning of June, Russia has made 5,722 sorties of operational-tactical aviation and 551 launches of Iskander and Kalibr cruise missiles.

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