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Ukrainian producers increased food prices by 30% over the year


In May 2021, Ukrainian producers of industrial products increased prices by an average of 33.1% compared to May last year. Food prices practically did not lag behind and increased by an average of 30%, the State Statistics Service reports.

According to the agency, prices for goods supplied within Ukraine increased by 25.4%. But export goods increased in price by 65.9%.

Producers of food, beverages, and tobacco raised prices by an average of 30.1%. Domestic food prices increased by 21%, exported food prices—by 61.7%.

Sugar became the record holder in the price hike. Prices for it increased by 68% within Ukraine and by 61.6%—abroad.

Context. The World Food Price Index compiled by the United Nations (UN) is showing a record increase in the cost of food in the world. Over the year, prices increased by 40%, most of all—in April 2021.

In Ukraine, in April 2021, consumer prices increased by 0.7% compared to the previous month and by 8.4% compared to April 2020. In the country, among the foodstuffs the highest price hike was for sugar, sunflower oil, and eggs.

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