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Russian invaders destroyed over 4,500 buildings in Hostomel, inflicting $343 million in damage. A survey

As a result of the Russian invasion of Hostomel outside Kyiv, over 4,500 buildings were damaged in the locality, of which almost half a thousand were completely destroyed. The town has a total of 11,900 buildings. The calculations made by the team of the RebuildUA project, which analyzes the condition of infrastructure using drones, estimated the total damage at ₴9.5 billion ($343 mln).

According to the researchers, residential buildings and outbuildings suffered the greatest damage. Of the total number of 10,722 buildings, 4,032 were destroyed. Damages in this category have been estimated to amount to nearly ₴3.3 billion ($119.83 mln). The total area of damage is 963,800 sq. km. Among residential buildings, the invaders mainly ruined private houses and townhouses, the damage amounting to ₴1.9 billion ($69.85 mln). Moreover, Putin’s soldiers "denazified" apartment buildings (₴1.2 bln, $45.81 mln) and outbuildings (₴113.7 mln, $4.17 mln).

The number of buildings destroyed by the Russian army in Hostomel. Photo: RebuildUA.

The number of buildings destroyed by the Russian army in Hostomel. Photo: RebuildUA.

Speaking of social infrastructure, the Russian army destroyed 181 objects out of a total of 321. The total damage in this category was estimated at ₴842.7 mln ($30.9 mln). The Russians "liberated" residents of Hostomel from six out of seven schools, two healthcare institutions, and dozens of offices, hotels, catering establishments, etc.

As for industrial buildings, the researchers have counted 318 ruined facilities. The damage was estimated at ₴5.3 billion ($189.7 mln). The list of damaged construction includes utility buildings (130), industrial buildings (72), and warehouses (57).

Hostomel also suffered additional losses amounting to ₴1.5 mln ($0.05 mln) due to the damage or complete destruction of energy infrastructure and public utilities.

Context. From the moment Vladimir Putin declared war, Hostomel became one of the key targets of Russian occupiers. The settlement was shelled and bombed from the air, and airborne forces tried to occupy the local Antonov airport. Heavy battles were fought for the settlement until early April, when Hostomel was liberated.

On February 27, it was revealed that the invaders had destroyed the world’s largest cargo plane, the An-225 Mriya, in Hostomel.

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