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Great Britain begins handing over anti-tank weapons to Ukraine. Ministry of Defense shows what is brought

A batch of portable anti-tank systems, the provision of which was announced by the UK on January 17, has already arrived on Ukrainian territory. The Ministry of Defense posted a video with the weapon unloading on its page.

Light anti-tank weapons, according to Deputy Defense Minister Anatolii Petrenko, will strengthen the defense capability of Ukraine and will be used exclusively for defense purposes.

Quote"Of course, this will strengthen our troops, this will strengthen our defense capabilities. And I want to stress that this assistance will be used exclusively for defense purposes: to protect our troops, to protect critical infrastructure and to protect the civilian population from any manifestations, any actions that could lead to an escalation," Petrenko stated.

Context. On January 17, Ben Wallace, UK Secretary of State for Defence, announced the start of providing Ukraine with light anti-tank defense systems. He stressed that these weapons would not pose a threat to Russia, since they were intended for self-defense.

Journalist Yurii Butusov explained that the systems that Britain had decided to hand over to Ukraine were "the most up-to-date anti-tank weapons."

"The UK has begun delivering anti-tank grenade launchers NLAW (Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon—The Page) to Ukraine, the best grenade launchers in the world for city fighting that are unmatched in Russia," he posted on Facebook.

According to the journalist, NLAW has a firing range of up to 800 m, its weight is 12.5 kg. The time required to activate the system and open fire is up to 5 seconds. Unlike Soviet and Russian counterparts, NLAW is intended for working from enclosed spaces, basements, or upper floors of the buildings. The grenade launcher has almost 100% accuracy.

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