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Ukraine received 4 tons of artificial meat in charitable aid

Ukraine received 4 tons of artificial meat as aid to internally displaced people. The products were given by Impossible Foods, a company from California, which develops innovative plant-based substitutes for meat.

The first batch of the aid was sent to Kremenchuk, Poltava Region, and given out to internally displaced families.

Impossible Foods emphasizes that their products contain more protein, less fat, and are delivered frozen, which enables longer storage. This is what the Ukrainians need for healthy nutrition.


The products given to the Ukrainians by Impossible Foods include plant-based chicken nuggets and sausage made of soy and cocoa oils and other plant-based ingredients. They don’t contain cholesterol and are more healthy than products made from animal meat.

Quote"We are very grateful to Impossible Foods for their cooperation and support for the Ukrainians in these harsh times. Thanks to the charitable work of the company, we were able to give aid to over 2,000 families forced to become displaced in their own country by Russia’s unjustifiable aggression," said Petro Berezhnyi, the head of the R3ua charitable organization.

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