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How European universities are ready to help Ukrainian students and scientists

Programs and scholarships of European universities for Ukrainians

Programs and scholarships of European universities for Ukrainians

The non-governmental organization House of Europe has prepared a list of opportunities to continue education and get scholarships from European universities for Ukrainian students, as well as for internships or employment of scientists and researchers from Ukraine from institutions in Europe and Canada.

Opportunities for students:

  • scholarships for studying from Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. Deadline — May 31;
  • free education for schoolchildren of grades 9-11 from Newton Free School in Georgia;
  • scholarships for women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) master's degree programmes at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Deadline — May 31;
  • scholarships from the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Münchenstein, Switzerland;
  • a scholarship program for researchers at risk from the British Academy and The Council for At-Risk Academics;
  • support program for Ukrainian students from the University of Manchester, UK;
  • ESCP4U initiative to support Ukrainian students from the ESCP business school (European business school located in Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, and Turin);
  • support program for students and scientists from Ukraine from York University;
  • Master's degree studies for Ukrainian students at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Deadline — May 1;
  • continuing studying at the universities of Latvia;
  • for students of History in Warsaw: paid internship from the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity. Deadline — May 8;
  • for students and researchers: a large selection of opportunities from Germany;
  • a platform with European educational institutions that offer various assistance to Ukrainian students.

Scholarships for scientists and researchers:

  • CARA: support program for Ukrainian scientists, researchers forced to leave the country over the war [email protected];
  • Curatorial Studies: postgraduate studies for Ukrainian students, curators, artists, and cultural figures in Belgium Deadline – May 2;
  • support for Ukrainian scientists and researchers from the Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities;
  • ESCP4U initiative in support of Ukrainian young graduates of the ESCP business school;
  • support for Ukrainian researchers from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra;
  • employment opportunities for Ukrainian teachers, scientists, and researchers at Masaryk University, Czech Republic. The first deadlines are April 20 — 25;
  • for researchers: position for a scientist at the Research Center for the History of Transformations at the University of Vienna;
  • for Holodomor researchers continuing to work in Ukraine: research scholarships from the University of Alberta, Canada. Deadline — May 1;
  • for researchers in all disciplines: scholarships from the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Munich;
  • for researchers: a large catalog of opportunities compiled by the German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
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