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Ministry of Health: New drugs against coronavirus will appear in Ukraine


In the near future, new innovative drugs against coronavirus will appear in Ukraine. Soon the Ministry of Health will present these drugs to the general public, Viktor Lyashko, the Head of the Ministry of Health, said in a commentary to the online newspaper Segodnya.

According to the Minister, the MOH decided to present new drugs in a week or two.

"Some more innovative drugs have appeared. And I can announce that in the near future there will be statements that Ukraine has made on innovative direct-acting antivirals. Before that, there were no such drugs in Ukraine," he said.

Context. The world is trying to fight the coronavirus in different ways. Thus, pills, asthma medications, cannabis, immunoglobulin-based drugs (Russia), and nasal spray (Britain), etc. were used against the infection.

So far, Ukraine does not have its own drugs against coronavirus, so the emphasis is on vaccination. Not so long ago, a vaccine from Johnson & Johnson was registered for emergency use. And on July 18, the country received the first 2 million doses of Moderna vaccine under the COVAX program.

Recall that Ukrainians are vaccinated with the following drugs:

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