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US and G7 criticized Kobolev's dismissal and hinted at political interference

The US and the G7 responded to Andriy Kobolev’s dismissal from the post of Head of Naftogaz.

As the Spokesperson at the U.S. Department of State Ned Price wrote on Twitter, respect for corporate governance in the energy sector is a major factor in supporting Ukraine.

Quote"Respect for corporate governance, transparency, and integrity in energy sector personnel appointments—whether government or state-owned enterprises—is key to maintaining confidence in Ukraine’s commitment to reform," he wrote.

The G7 Ambassadors to Ukraine are of the same opinion, according to the message on their Twitter page. Thus, the message says that they accept this decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, but effective management of state-owned enterprises, free from political interference, is crucial for the competitiveness, prosperity, and Ukraine fulfilling its international commitments.

Context. The day before, the government dismissed the Head of Naftogaz. The current Acting Minister of Energy and the former Executive Director of the company, Yuriy Vitrenko, was temporarily appointed to this position.

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