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Ukraine has spent 30 UAH billion on the fight against coronavirus in Ukraine since the beginning of the year: Where did the money go

In total, 36 billion UAH is provided for the fight against coronavirus in Ukraine for the current year. According to the Ministry of Finance, more than 30 billion UAH of the total amount has been spent since the beginning of the year.

The funds went to the following:

  • 11.8 billion UAH—emergency and in-patient care services plus vaccination of Ukrainians (the purchase of the vaccines themselves is not included)
  • 9.8 billion UAH—purchasing drugs for vaccinations against COVID-19;
  • 2.5 billion UAH—the purchasing goods and services for preventing the spread of the virus (this item does not include vaccines);
  • 0.75 billion UAH—providing medical institutions with oxygen;
  • 14 million UAH—payments to institutions of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (that includes 36 budget-funded scientific institutions) for hospitalization services for "covid" patients (by the end of the year, a total of 55 UAH million is provided for this)
  • 2.9 billion UAH—"quarantine" social support (of which 0.8 billion UAH will be allocated to "sick leaves");
  • 1.1 billion UAH—unemployment payments;
  • 18.3 million UAH—for fighting against coronavirus in educational institutions (in total, 1 billion UAH is provided for this item);
  • 0.8 billion UAH—additional payments for military personnel, law enforcement officers, doctors and other employees of departmental healthcare institutions.

Context. On September 15, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft law on the State Budget-2022.

It provides 193 billion UAH for the healthcare industry. This is 31 billion more than this year and twice as much as in 2019. According to Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, this will allow establishing the "minimum wage" for doctors at the level of 20,000 UAH. It is planned to allocate 6 billion UAH for vaccination of Ukrainians and the public health services.

Maksym Zhelezniak, People's Deputy from the faction Voice (Holos in Ukrainian), noted that the final figures are still in the process of being agreed upon and "all additional requests will be met after the ("resource" bill — ed. note) No. 5600 is adopted." He noted that the draft state budget includes some of the expenses exactly according to this document.

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