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Coronavirus statistics: hospital bed occupancy is decreasing

As of the evening of April 24, 39,564 of 77,390 hospital beds (51.12% of the total) were occupied with patients with coronavirus and suspected coronavirus. During the day, the number of occupied beds decreased by 2,155. The share of occupied beds with centralized oxygen supply decreased from 54.73% to 51.80%.

Over the 24 hours of April 24, 7,930 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in Ukraine. In particular, 331 children and 98 health workers fell ill.

Also over the last 24 hours:

  • persons hospitalized—3,688;
  • died—231;
  • recovered—6,574;
  • tests carried out—54 270 (by PCR method—26,432, by ELISA method—6,316, research by express tests for antigen—21,522).

During the entire period of the pandemic in Ukraine, 2,025,271 people fell ill, 42,323 died, 9,240,911 PCR tests were made.

Most of all new cases were registered in Dnipropetrovsk (1034), Kharkiv (954), Donetsk (582), Odesa (481), and Kyiv (441) regions.

4,531 people were vaccinated against COVID-19 over the 24 hours of 24 April. Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign, 526,916 people have been vaccinated. Five people completed vaccination (got two doses).

Over the last 24 hours, 83,200 new cases of the disease were recorded in the world (147.1 million in total). 13,467 people died (3.11 million).


Additionally. Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov expects the supply of 1.4 million doses of coronavirus vaccines to Ukraine by the end of May as part of the international COVAX initiative. He also clarified the situation with the supply of Chinese vaccine Sinovac. "We should receive a batch of up to 500,000 doses in early May. And during May, we should receive up to a million doses," the Minister said.

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