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Japan has become the largest donor to Ukraine in 2024

Japan has become the leading donor to Ukraine in the first two months of 2024. It has already provided $436 million, including $140 million in grant money, the Ministry of Finance reported.

Quote"Ukraine relies on the support of its partners to finance priority expenditures, particularly in the social and humanitarian spheres, on time and in full, given that the country finances its defense and security entirely through domestic revenues and borrowings. We expect the assistance from Japan to continue in the next budget year," said Minister of Finance Serhii Marchenko.

The money Ukraine has received from Japan through the World Bank in 2024:

  • $300 million loan as part of the INSPIRE project;
  • $89.8 million in grant money as part of the ARISE project;
  • $49.4 million in grant money as part of the HOPE project.
Quote"The projects are aimed at restoring agriculture, social protection, and housing reconstruction," the Ministry of Finance said.

How much external financing Ukraine needs:

  • $37.3 billion is the total need for external financing;
  • $1.8 billion is planned to be received from Japan as part of the World Bank projects in the first quarter of 2024;
  • $9.5 billion is required for reconstruction. $5.5 billion was secured earlier from the state budget and international donors. The total amount needed for reconstruction was $15 billion.

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