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Stepanov announced the timeline of new deliveries of coronavirus vaccines

Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov expects the supply of 1.4 million doses of coronavirus vaccines to Ukraine by the end of May as part of the international COVAX initiative. He stated this on April 23 in the evening on the air of the TV channel Ukraine 24.

He also clarified the situation with the supply of Chinese vaccine Sinovac. "Just today we have got a message that we should receive a batch of up to 500.000 doses in early May. And during May, we should receive up to a million doses," the Minister said.

There is still no clarity regarding the supply of CoviShield vaccine from India. "In India, the situation is now close to a catastrophe—335,000 have fallen ill over the past 24 hours," the Minister said.

"As for the direct contract with Pfizer is concerned, according to their assurances, we should start receiving the first doses in May. More details about how much we will receive in May we expect in a message next week," explained Stepanov.

He also confirmed that the AstraZeneca vaccine produced in South Korea received by Ukraine has an expiration date of May 31, but urged not to worry about this, since all vaccines would be used before that date.

During the 24 hours of April 22, 14,277 people fell ill with coronavirus in Ukraine, 434 died, 18,964 recovered.

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