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"It was a big publicity stunt." Budanov highlights the biggest problems of Russian army

Budanov highlighted the biggest problems of the Russian army. Photo: slovoidilo.ua

Budanov highlighted the biggest problems of the Russian army. Photo: slovoidilo.ua

Now all the problems of the Russian army have surfaced. All they spent money on was to show the greatness of the Russian army in the world. Now everyone has seen — there is no greatness. The Chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR in Ukrainian) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov stated in an interview with NV.

Quote"Comparing the military potential of Russia and Ukraine before the start of this phase of the war, which began on February 24, is impossible: this was a ten-, and according to certain figures, a twenty-fold advantage of the Russian Federation," the Chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate noted.

However, as Budanov said, real combat operations showed real problems: "they have a quantitative indicator, that’s for sure, but there is no qualitative indicator."

In addition, the Russian army has a fairly low motivation. The intelligence officer explained that the losses that the Russians suffered during this time had a strong impact on them. Russia has already switched to covert mobilization and is preparing to announce open mobilization in the near future.

Quote"I really wonder: how will they explain this to their own people? Why does Russia, with its, as they say, the first or second army in the world, need mobilization when, according to their official reports, everything is going according to plan and Ukraine, as a military machine, is nothing?" Budanov noted.

He assumes, relying on some facts, that the mobilization will be carried out under the prism of the fact that Russia is at war not with Ukraine, but with the Anglo-Saxon world. Specifically, in such a paradigm, this will be explained to the Russian society.

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