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Tauride Governorate and Sky City. Kremlin’s "insane ideas" concerning Ukrainian territories

Budanov explains what the Kremlin wants to do in the Ukrainian territories. Photo: miskrada.kherson.ua

Budanov explains what the Kremlin wants to do in the Ukrainian territories. Photo: miskrada.kherson.ua

In the sound mind of the Russian leadership, there are two ideas that they cherish regarding the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories. The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR in Ukrainian) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov said this in an interview with NV.

The first idea of the Russians, pronounced by the head of the GUR, is the re-establishment of the Tauride Governorate that existed for a short time in the Russian Empire.

Quote"This is the territory of Crimea, Kherson, partly Mykolaiv region and even some of Donetsk region and Zaporizhzhia, with the administrative center in the city of Simferopol. This is the idea that they are now pushing," he said.

The second idea, according to him, is the so-called Sky City.

"These are Odesa region, Kherson region, part of Mykolaiv region, the city of Dnipro, and part of Donetsk region. There was such a concept. Once again: this is a broken mind," Budanov stressed.

The GUR Chief stressed that the Kremlin takes these two crazy ideas seriously and is now trying to materialize them.

According to Budanov, Putin has not yet decided whether to accept the seized territories of Donbas into Russia.

Quote"At the moment, they are still at the crossroads. That is, not they are, but he is — the president of Russia — one person decides there. He did not make a final decision whether to try to accept the so-called Donbas into Russia or leave it as some third territory," the Chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate said.

Budanov also said that the Russians want to unleash famine in the Kherson region.

Quote"They will try to make a demographic crisis, and then a humanitarian one. Only in this case will they be able to cope with the majority of the population. It is very easy to manipulate the population sentiments when everything is taken away from people, and then offer humanitarian aid. In order not to spend millions, they will spend pennies, giving a crumb of bread," he predicts.
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