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There is a major threat of Belarusian offensive on Volyn—General Staff

There is a high threat of an offensive from Belarus in the Volyn direction, but the Ukrainian defense forces are ready to fight back. This is reported by Ukrainska Pravda with reference to the General Staff of the Armed Forces and its own intelligence sources among the military and security forces.

According to intelligence, in the following 1-2 days Belarus will enter the war with Ukraine on the side of Russia. According to sources among the military and security officials, despite the resistance from ordinary military and residents of Belarus, the decision was made by the country's leadership.

The interlocutor, a representative of the power bloc, noted that the Belarusians had never fought anywhere, had neither combat experience nor clear reasons for a war with Ukraine. He believes that "the Belarusian military will become cannon fodder on the territory of Ukraine."

The security forces have also appealed to the Belarusian military: "This is not your war. But your children and men will die on our land. Stop while there is still the chance."

Recall: Earlier, the Ukrainian military and civil servants reported that Belarus was preparing to invade Ukraine before 21:00 on March 11. But so far this has not happened.

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