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"Rubizhne shared the fate of Mariupol" — Gaidai about city destroyed to the ground

The head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration (RMA) Serhiy Haidai reports that not a single intact building remained on the territory of the city of Rubizhne. And many of them are not recoverable.

Quote"There are cemeteries in the yards. Before the war, more than 60,000 people lived here, they worked at factories, in the public sector, in developed small businesses... The scorched brick boxes that were looted — this is OUR Rubizhne now," he wrote.


According to him, now the townspeople are divided into several categories:

  • people who evacuated to safe territories in Ukraine or abroad;
  • citizens whom the Russians forcibly deported to Russia or to occupied settlements,
  • persons who are still held hostage by Kadyrov's militants in the basements.
Quote"We will build it almost from scratch. We will win. There is no doubt. We will punish for the deaths of our people and the destruction of our cities. Rubizhne, be sure — we will rebuild our city!" Haidai summed up in the report.

Additionally. According to the estimates of the Luhansk RMA, in general, more than 11,000 houses were destroyed in the region, among which 3,200 are high-rise buildings. Local authorities are currently compiling an address list of houses that have been destroyed as a result of Russia's war in Ukraine. Preliminary data show that economic losses amount to hundreds of billions of hryvnias.

In order to provide data on a housing that was damaged or completely destroyed, follow the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1WlYABy5WHcShE50e1SGljJahjg-QkGnvQ2QFPIyIJlY/edit. This will help in a more accurate assessment of damage and consideration of rebuilding needs.


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