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Russia hurls all effort into capturing Luhansk Oblast. Main battles to take place this week — Haidai

Decisive battles for Luhansk Oblast will take place during the current week. The Russians concentrated all their efforts on taking control over the entire territory of the region. To do this, in particular, they redeployed an additional 2,500 pieces of military equipment to the region.

As Serhiy Haidai, head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration (RMA), said during the morning summary, the invaders had intensified shelling of Severodonetsk. Grads, Smerches, air bombs, and mortars are used. Yesterday fighting was already recorded on the outskirts of the city. He also added that in recent days the shelling of Severodonetsk has not ceased at all. The Russians deliberately target places where there are a lot of people because they know where the shelters are located (the Azot plant, city schools). They find out about the locations either through aerial reconnaissance or from spotters.

Besides, today, May 25, the work of the last gas distribution station in the region was stopped. This means that now there is no "blue flame gas" on the entire territory of Luhansk Oblast.

In general, six people were killed in Luhansk Oblast over the past day, eight more were injured.

Context. Recall that in early May, the Lugansk RMA announced that the Russian invaders had destroyed or removed from Luhansk Oblast the volume of needs of the region inhabitants in grain for almost three years. Sowing campaign in the region has not started.

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