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MoH told when it expects a surge in the incidence of coronavirus

The Ministry of Health (MoH) expects an increase in the incidence of coronavirus in the fall of 2021, namely in October-November.

Chief State Sanitary Doctor Ihor Kuzin told about this in an interview with the agency Ukrinform.

Quote"In the coming days, we do not expect the situation to deteriorate sharply. We are following the 2020 scenario. And if you look at the statistics for the same month last year, now we are prior to the peak. But I want to remind you that last year our peak was observed one and a half to two months after the figures that we are registering now. We expect an increase in the incidence of the disease somewhere in the fall of this year, around October-November," he said.

Kuzin also noted that an outbreak of the disease may occur earlier, but at the moment Ukraine has every opportunity to prevent this. This refers to vaccination that protects against a complex course of the disease and can prevent the spread of coronavirus in organized teams, where outbreaks of the Delta variant were most often recorded in other countries.

He also said that such outbreaks were registered in educational institutions, and that is why the Ministry of Health imposed a norm on compulsory vaccination of at least 80% of teachers, as well as among tourists and people who returned from vacation or simply traveled abroad.

Quote"Therefore, we have adopted those changes in order to minimize the additional risk of infection tourists can bring when returning to the country," he added.

Context. Last week, the government extended the adaptive quarantine and emergency regime in Ukraine until October 1, 2021.

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