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New military assistance to Ukraine: What was promised and has been already delivered

Convoy of trucks with military aid from Poland

Convoy of trucks with military aid from Poland

Every new day brings new sanctions, weapons, and isolation of Russia, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba reported on Facebook on the morning of February 26. "Anti-tank weapons, air defense equipment, ammunition for all types of weapons and artillery, vehicles, bulletproof vests, fuel, dozens of items of weapons and ammunition have already arrived. There will be more. The main thing is that we stand strong and hold Kyiv," the Minister explained.

The Page has compiled information on what is known about the new military aid now.

Assistance from USA

US President Joe Biden decided to immediately allocate $600 million to Ukraine: $250 million for general aid and $350 million for military assistance. The White House turned to Congress for approval to allocate $6.4 billion to support Ukraine, of which $3.5 billion—for defense.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reported he had already approved an allocation of $350 million to immediately support Ukraine's defense.

"Today, as Ukraine fights with courage and pride against Russia’s brutal and unprovoked assault, I have authorized, pursuant to a delegation by the President, an unprecedented third presidential drawdown of up to $350m for immediate support to Ukraine’s defense. This brings the total security assistance the United States has committed to Ukraine over the past year to more than $1 billion," the Secretary of State wrote.

Assistance will include the supply of lethal weapons.

Military aid from Poland

Poland provides assistance in several packages. For instance, a convoy with ammunition, weapons, and drones has already arrived.

The Polish government approved the transfer of:

  • 60 mm mortars (100 pieces) and ammunition for them (1,500 pieces);
  • UAVs—8 sets;
  • 152 mm hollow charge shells—1,770 pieces;
  • 23 mm shells—usual (25,336 pieces) and armor-piercing (5,000 pieces);
  • kevlar combat helmets—42,000 pieces.

After agreement with the United States, Javelin anti-tank systems can be handed over.

The Poles are also ready to hand over 10,000 5.56 mm Grot assault rifles.

Military assistance from France

President Zelenskyy, following a morning conversation with President of France Emmanuel Macron, reported that weapons and equipment from our partners are coming to Ukraine.

Assistance from Turkey

Zelenskyy, after a telephone conversation with Turkish President Erdogan, expressed gratitude to Erdogan and the Turkish people on his Twitter account. "The ban on the passage of Russian warships to the Black Sea is extremely important for Ukraine today as military and humanitarian support," Zelenskyy wrote.

However, the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet reports that Turkey has not yet decided on such a ban.

Recall that on February 24 at 04:50 Russian President Vladimir Putin actually declared war on Ukraine, and Russian troops began to invade the territory of our country.

Since then, The Page has been following the situation and regularly informs about the most important events.

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