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In terms of economic and personal freedom, Ukraine is in the latter half of the countries of the world

Human Freedom Index—2021

Human Freedom Index—2021

The Cato Institute (USA) and the Fraser Institute (Canada) have published their traditional annual report on the state of human freedom—Human Freedom Index 2021. When calculating the index for each country, 82 indicators of personal and economic freedom based on 2019 data were used. The report includes 165 countries that represent 98% of the world's population.


On a scale of 0 to 10 (maximum level of freedom), the world average is 7.12 points. Ukraine ranks 98th with 6.86 points. In 2020, it ranked 106th with a score of 6.78 (based on 2018 data).

In the Eastern Europe region, Ukraine ranks 20th out of 22 countries.



About 1.1 billion people, or 14.6% of the world's population, live in 25% of the freest countries. The 25% of the most unfree countries are home to 40.3% (2.94 billion) of the world's population. Since 2008, the gap between the 25% of the most free and the most unfree ones has increased by 6.6 percentage points. Countries with a high level of human freedom have a GDP per capita ($48,748) 4.3 times higher than that in non-free countries ($11,259).

The level of economic freedom in Ukraine is lower than that of personal one: 6.2 points (129th place) versus 7.33 points (90th place).

According to the "rule of law" factor in the Freedom Index, Ukraine got only 4.6 points out of 10 possible, in civil law—5.4 points, and in criminal law—3.6 points.


Table source: facebook.com/valerii.pekar/posts/10217393942515196


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