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Top 100 countries in the ranking of world passports: Ukraine dropped to 37th place


Ukraine dropped to 37th place in the World Passport Index. It ranked two positions better last quarter. Holders of Ukrainian passports can travel without a visa or with a visa upon arrival to 137 countries. A total of 227 countries took part in the ranking.

This is stated in the data of the Passport Index from the company Henley & Partners.

World Passport Index July 2021


The passport of Japan ranks first in this rating, the citizens of the country can visit 193 countries.

Singapore ranks second, its citizens can travel without a visa to 192 countries.

The third place was shared by South Korea and Germany, citizens of these countries can enter 191 countries without a visa.

The fourth place was taken by four countries at once: Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, and Finland. Their citizens can visit 190 countries.

The fifth place was occupied by Austria and Denmark with 189 countries.

Former Soviet Union passports ranking


At the same time, among the countries of the former Soviet Union, the passport of Ukraine turned out to be the most convenient for travelling, its holders can visit 137 countries.

  • The second place is taken by the passport of Russia—119 countries.
  • The third place is occupied by Belarus—77 countries.
  • The fourth place in the passport of Kazakhstan—75 countries;
  • The fifth by the number of countries was the passport of Azerbaijan—68 states.
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