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Celebrating by helping the Army: For its birthday, FAVBET donates 23 drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

On September 3, FAVBET Group celebrated 23 years of spectacular play, incredible stories and massive victories. It's been a long way, but the company is convinced that their most significant victory is yet to come. And it's the victory of Ukraine, something that most of its employees are now working towards.

That's why FAVBET decided that the best birthday present for it would be a gift for those who bring the victory closer every day, the Ukrainian soldiers. That's why the company came up with an idea to launch an internal crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for 23 drones for several AFU units currently on the frontlines.

The campaign lasted for 2 weeks, during which FAVBET employees donated about 240,000 Hryvnias to the project’s charity account. The remaining amount required for the purchase will be covered by FAVBET’s corporate funds. Drones will be purchased and delivered by FAVBET Foundation.

Quote'Everything our company was able to achieve during the 23 years of operations was the result of joint efforts, and this campaign is yet another proof that we remain united no matter the challenges we face. At the same time, it reflects the mood of the whole team, as the majority of our employees are in one way or another working towards victory', Serhii Koshil, FAVBET’s head of HR, says.

According to him, FAVBET employees have been resisting Russian aggression and getting involved in humanitarian projects since the first days of the invasion. Some of them went to serve in TRO or AFU, most of them are engaged in fundraising, volunteer work and participate in FAVBET Foundation, which had 95% its projects reoriented to help the country and the army.

Many important projects of FAVBET Group were in fact initiated by its employees: digital solutions for the army, services for blocking Telegram channels, website for searching missing and evacuated Ukrainians, as well as Big Balls platform to support the presidential initiative United24.

Favbet’s team members who were forced to leave the country are not staying on the sidelines either. For example, in Zagreb, Croatia, the company's employees, together with the Favbet Foundation, have set up a center for displaced Ukrainians where they teach English and Croatian, have daily classes in several school subjects for children, and provide legal and psychological assistance.

In general, every 3rd FAVBET employee have joined active volunteer work. Some of them have taken up arms and are defending our country in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Territorial Defense. The company provides military equipment, unlimited leave and financial support to the units in which the employees serve, and the offices of the Group function as humanitarian hubs through which aid is sent to different parts of Ukraine.

The purchase of 23 drones is a very significant, but definitely not the last project aimed to support the AFU by the company. FAVBET has already announced the launch of a promotional campaign "Pimp the Ride for the AFU" to help FAVBET Foundation raise funds for the purchase and combat tuning of vehicles for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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