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Betting on the future: Top 3 technology trends in gambling by FAVBET Tech

FAVBET Tech develops software for an entertainment platform that connects millions of people around the world. It is used by fans who want to get more out of their favorite sports, players in search of more excitement, and everyone seeking new emotions.

The company’s developers work hard every day to provide platform users with the best gaming experience meaning they are always on the cutting edge of technological trends: they study them, evaluate and then implement the most promising ones.

Today we take a look at three technologies which, according to the FAVBET Tech team, determine the future of betting and may appear on the platform in the near future.

Personalize It: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Smart social media feeds that know you better than your closest friends, streaming services that recommend shows to match your mood are all the result of the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and machine learning (ML) technologies.

Thanks to them, developers can better understand user behavior, instantly analyze large amounts of data, and fine-tune their solutions to perfectly fit the interests of their clients.

In the near future, a similar level of personalization will appear on gaming platforms. The system will study the habits of players together with their preferences and offer only what they can truly appreciate.

Digital World More Real Than Ever

Virtual reality helmets have already become a familiar gadget for many gamers, and solutions like Google Cardboard prove that today this experience is available to everyone. There is no doubt that users will soon be able to see the use of virtual reality elements on their favorite gaming and betting platforms.

First of all, because today, immersion is almost the only aspect that fans lack in online gambling. Until recently, the casino atmosphere could not be replicated in a digital environment, but new technologies can change that dramatically.

Just imagine playing online poker, but seeing other players, interacting with them and reading their body language while staying in the comfort of your own home. No online casino could offer that before.

Life As a Game

The main goal of gamification is adding entertaining elements to routine activities. This trend has successfully found its way into education and is gradually accepted by other industries, even banking. For example, it’s been quite recently that one of Ukrainian banks introduced achievements and stickers in their app that were awarded to their customers for using their cards.

It is logical that gaming platforms are adopting the approach as well. Last year, FAVBET had already had an experience of introducing gaming elements during the Euro 2020, when it launched a prediction battle among fans on the platform.

Throughout the championship, fans could compete with each other in soccer intuition and try to guess the finalists and winners of each stage. While the players battled it out on the field for the trophy, the platform witnessed an equally fierce battle for the title of the best soccer expert. In the future, the number of similar mechanics on the platform will only grow.

The FAVBET Tech team is convinced that the future of betting looks bright. And their users will surely be the ones to experience it first.

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