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FAVBET continues improving its gaming platforms

The company FAVBET has launched its own jackpot service, improved 'responsible gaming' functionality, and added changeable color themes along with some other upgrades.

Despite the ongoing war, FAVBET continues to develop and update its product. The company has introduced six updates on its platforms that are aimed to improve the gaming experience.

  • 1. FAVBET launched its proprietary jackpot service on the Romanian market. Now, a percentage of each user’s bet is set aside for a jackpot amount. The jackpot has a 4-level system and the draw frequency is tied to customers' activity.
  • 2. Players across all FAVBET platforms can now choose a dark theme on the website and in the app.
  • 3. FAVBET is committed to responsible gaming and has now introduced the appropriate features into its product. Updated functionality allows players to set limits on their playing time, maximum bet amounts, losses (daily, weekly or monthly) and deposits, as well as suspend their gaming access for a while.
  • 4. FAVBET’s Croatian office has begun cooperation with the Optimove agency. Thanks to their CRM marketing solutions, the company will be able to micro-segment its audience and adjust the system so that each player receives personalized offers in each of the communication channels.
  • 5. Croatian players can now use cryptocurrencies to make deposits and withdrawals from their personal accounts.
  • 6. Ukrainian players can now enjoy a more simple and convenient verification process thanks to KYCAID. The service allows to automatically verify the client, check sanctions and terrorist lists, as well as screen out minors.
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