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Turkish Bayraktar will build a center for drone maintenance and modernization near Kyiv

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Turkish company Bayraktar Savunma have agreed to build a joint training and test center for the maintenance, repair, and modernization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In the future, the center will also train the personnel to work with these drones.

As stated on the Office of the President’s website, the parties signed a corresponding memorandum. According to it, the center will be built near the city of Vasylkiv on the territory belonging to the Ministry of Defense. Several more such institutions are expected to be established in the future.

The Ministry also announced that the Turkish company planned to build its own plant in Ukraine that would produce UAVs. Bayraktar would finance this project itself.

Context. Since 2019, Ukraine has been buying Bayraktar TB2 attack drones manufactured by Baykar Makina.

Earlier this month, Ukrainian Motor Sich and Turkish Baykar Makina signed a cooperation agreement.

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